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4'x4' Hydroponics Grow Tent Kit - 16 Plant

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Product Description

Complete 4'x4'x6.5' Hydroponics Grow Tent Kit

The key feature of this grow tent kit is the quality of the tent itself. There are 3 levels of tent quality and this one is the highest meaning it will last at least 20 years. It has powerful zippers that never break and the tent prevents light/odor leakage as well. Also our friendly staff will guide you through the entire process of growing from A-Z 24/7 as we always pick up the phone even on weekends.

Yields can be through the roof for this grow tent kit. If you use all 16 pots, you can yield an average of 20 pounds of dried plant matter per 3 month cycle.

Auto-flower seeds do work with this grow tent kit as well.




Highest quality 4'x4'x6.5' Galaxy Grow Tent - Galaxy Grow Tents have the equivalent durability as the most durable tents in the current market which means they will last for over 20 years unlike the cheap competitors which only last 6 months.

Powerful, Full Spectrum Mars Quantum Board LED Lighting

Hanging Yo-Yo Elevator for Grow Lights

Weather Station


Ducting Kit

(16) 5 Gallon Pots

Powerful 6" Diameter, 216 CFM Inline Fan

Carbon Filter

Net Trellis

24/7 Tech Support

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