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Baltic Birch Plywood, Craft Wood 18mm - 3/4" x 24" x 32"

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Baltic Birch Plywood, Craft Wood 18mm - 3/4" x 24" x 32"


This item is a single piece of 18 mm-3/4" x 24" x 30" Baltic Birch Plywood. The image above may show the various thicknesses that WOODNSHOP offers. This plywood is a functional grade material composed of birch from parts of Russia. The Baltic birch is graded as a B-BB, which means that one face, B, will be a whole face, no splices, have no patches (plugs that are used to cover defects) but may contain knot pattern or mineral streaks. The other face, BB, and the inner plies will contain patches and tight and not so tight knots. Baltic Birch Plywood is an excellent material for cabinet backs, drawer sides and bottoms, as well as jigs and fixtures and scroll saw work that will be painted.


  • Single piece of Baltic Birch Plywood,18mm - 3/4" x 24" x 32"
  • B-BB Grade - one face will not have splices or patches
  • Exceptional strength
  • Great screw holding power
  • Manufacturer: Dealzer
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