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SoHum Living Soil Potting Mix (90 Cubic Feet)

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Welcome to the future of cultivation. The SoHum soil is compered of 13 ingredients that work to take the guesswork out of growing so that you won't go wrong from germination to vegitation to flowering. 

SoHum Living Soil is handcrafted by growers for growers to provide a true living bio-dynamic mix to be used for container growing both indoors and outdoors.

Living Potting Soil - 90 Cubic Feet (Free Shipping!)

We cracked the code! MJ, Hemp and Tomato growers love SoHum.. . Just Add Water! No need to mix or add expensive nutrients. This proven, hand-crafted, pH balanced, premium blend is loaded with beneficial fungi, bacteria and all-natural OMRI Listed inputs. SoHum allows each plant to display its full genetic potential maximizing canna levels and terpene profiles.  It’s HIGH TIMES “Best Potting Mix” Award Winner! Accept no substitute.

Inspired by True Living Organics (TLO), SoHum Living Soils™ (SoHum) will simplify the growing process, maximize yields, and allow for consistent quality in production. SoHum is a bio-dynamic potting mix developed to optimize the plants’ genetic potential. In cultivation, the term “bio-dynamic” applies to the understanding that a living soil with beneficial bacteria and fungi directly impacts plant development, emphasizing a natural approach to growing.

SoHum Living Soils is founded on one simple truth: better soil makes it easier to grow just about anything. Some people have had excellent results growing fruits and vegetables, but our products have been specifically balanced to work best as a mj and hemp soil. Growers want to create bigger and better buds, so we give them a better soil. We have never relied on unnatural chemicals or harsh fertilizers that may damage the smell, taste, look, or potency of your harvest. Instead, we rely on a proven list of natural ingredients that help you grow more impressive buds the right way. Our carefully cultivated mixture takes all the ingredients from nature that help hemp grow, and it puts them together so you can stop wasting money on potentially harmful chemical fertilizers.

Super Soil Extraordinaire!

The benefits of SoHum are many.  You will save time by not worrying about the feeding schedule of your plants, you can then focus more on making sure it gets the other natural things it needs. Simply complement our amazing soil with the right doses of sunlight and water. Speaking of water, SoHum Soil stays moist and retains aeration longer.

Just-Add-Water! - A true time saver. No need to pH your medium or second guess testing kits.

Living Soil - The optimal balance of beneficial bacteria to help your plants reach their genetic potential.

No Mixing - Let SoHum take the guess work out of providing your plants essential nutrients.

Naturally Sourced - Our handcrafted, all-natural formula brings out the fullest flavors and finest quality from your crop.  All inputs are OMRI Listed.

Reduce Costs - SoHum has exactly what mj craves so there is never a need for additional chemicals or nutrients.

Full Plant Cycle - All the way to harvest, SoHum provides plenty through vegetation and flowering.


SoHum Living Soils​® has been scientifically designed to provide simply the easiest and most cost efficient way to cultivate canna. It works equally well in top-watering or bottom watering systems, and for all potted crops; indoor or outdoor.

Here are some handy tips to optimize SoHum Living Soils​® potential for the crop:


  • Transplant only healthy (nice green leaves), well-established plants with nice white roots (1/8” to 1/2” of root showing through the root plug).
  • SoHum Living Soils​® should be watered with dechlorinated or reverse osmosis (RO) water. Tap water or rain water should be analyzed to ensure that there are no extremes in pH. If chlorinated water is to be used, it must be allowed to off gas for at least 24 hours.
  • When watering during the vegetative stage, be sure to not overwater. The soil needs to be damp, not wet. This is very important for those growers who will “pot up” (e.g., transplant from a 10-gallon pot to a 25-gallon pot) between the vegetative and flowering period and those moving from a top-watering to a bottom watering system. Overwatering from the top may leach out nutrients and may result in diminished root systems.
  • SoHum Living Soils​® make it easy. If you environmental conditions are adequate, you will be able maximize your harvest yields.


SoHum Living Soils​® was created by canna entrepreneurs who harvested the harmony of plant and soil synchronicity to achieve the largest yields at the lowest costs. No need to add anything but water and time.


Plant growth will vary by strain and genetics.


Pot Size (gal)
# of weeks in Vegetative Cycle
# of weeks in Flower Cycle
7 (will run out of food)



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