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SupHerb Herb Dryer HerbDryer-Bundle

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We are proud to bring you the first professional vertical herb dryer. These have been designed to blend into almost any area, and are perfect for your home, office or anywhere else you need to dry herbs.

Super Deluxe Supherb Herb Dryer - Dries your hydroponic herbs with ease and efficiency!

We are proud to introduce one of the first vertical herb dryers in the world! Our herb dryer will dry your herbs with ease and efficiency!

Measurements: 3 x 2 x 6 (width, depth, height)
Weight: 100 pounds
Limit: 24 plants
Time estimate: 5-8 days to dry when full of plants
Power: Uses 50 watts

Drying plants requires several key elements:
First and foremost, and good herbologist will tell you that the best way to dry a plant is to hang it upside down, i.e. - VERTICALLY, not horizontally. This allows the plants internal water and nutrients to seep down to the flower of the plant. Since the fruit/flower will be the last part of the plant to dry, hanging them upside down will thereby improve the quality in all 3 areas: the look, smell, and taste of the fruit/flower. Laying plants down to dry horizontally may cause the weight of the top part of the flower to crush the bottom part of the flower. Laying them horizontally may also increase the chance of mold, mildew, and rot.

The second factor is the drying time. If you dry a plant too fast then the outside of the flower will be crisp and dehydrated while the interior will stay damp and moist. Not a good balance. Dry a plant too slow and it becomes highly susceptible to mold and mildew, especially if the humidity levels are too high.

A good dryer will have several key design elements to it which include solid construction, regulated airflow, extremely low humidity levels, and as constant of a temperature as possible. Dry climates should also be warm to effectively dry plants.

Our Supherb dryers use the same high density steel cabinets that our grow boxes are made from. The herb dryer is solid, discrete, includes lockable doors, is turnkey and won't stand out. The high density steel cabinets provide an added buffer against poor weather conditions. Customers who live in cold climates won’t have to worry about frost or freeze affecting their drying plants. Some dryers are made of thin steel, aluminum, and will not hold up against harsh elements. Not so with a Supherb Dryer!

Each system has different types of fans that help regulate the airflow.
1)     The exhaust fan is attached to a carbon air filter. This fan accomplishes 3 things: It helps reduce odor created by the plants, it removes stale air from the cabinet to better regulate the air flow, and it helps control the internal temperature of the system.
2)    The second fan in our exclusive internal circulation fan. Not only does this help regulate the temperature and airflow, but it assures consistent drying time between plants.
With some dryers on the market, the plants closest to the exhaust fan will dry faster than the ones furthest from it. Not with a Supherb dryer! All of your plants will receive the same equal, even, and consistent drying times.

To help combat humidity and lower the risk of mold, mildew, and rot, our Supherb dryers are lined with wood paneling. This paneling actually has 2 sides: Mahogany and Pine. These types of wood are incredibly important to the drying process and to aid with humidity. The wood helps wick water out of the air, which lowers humidity, ensuring that the plants will not develop mildew, mold, or rot. This means that your dried plants will be the highest quality and have the shortest drying time possible.

The combination of the high density steel, the airflow fans, the air filter, the timer, and the wood paneling allows our Supherb dryers to maintain a constant temperature. A constant temperature is better for you and better for your plants.

Our Supherb dryers come with a thermometer/hygrometer so you can monitor the temperature and humidity levels as well as a timer for the exhaust/output fan. Both of these components are crucial to insure the best environment possible.

Standing 3 x 2 x 6 and weighing 100 lbs this herb dryer is a great place to start for the customer who has up to 24 plants.

Each ventilation port (located on the back of the cabinet to enhance its clean and stealth design) is filled with the same material used in the industrial grade air filter. This offers even more odor and humidity control!

The average dry time for the Supherb dryer is 5-8 days when completely full.

An added bonus, this herb dryers uses 50 watts of power. It will barely register on your utility bill.

To hang your plants vertically the herb dryer employs six 36” long steel bars with hooks attached to them. The height of these bars can be adjusted, as can the positioning of the hooks, allowing you to have maximum control over the length, width, and # of drying plants!

This herb dryer also contains 4 removable catch trays, located at the bottom of the system. These can be used to dry your plants/fruits/flower horizontally if needed. They can also be used to catch any plant matter that may fall of during the drying process.

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