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How to build a Bamboo Hydroponic System


Want to build one of those modern bamboo hydroponic systems you've been hearing about? Building with bamboo can make your hydroponic garden more sustainable, and make it look good, too. In a world of plastics, composites, and semi-disposable materials, something organic like bamboo is a natural idea for building all kinds of structures that will help us build a greener future. You can even build a bamboo hydroponic structure to grow bamboo in, but let's not get too wild and crazy over here.

Here are some tips for growing a hydroponic garden in a bamboo structure.

Dry the Bamboo First

One of the biggest tips, and the most often overlooked, is to dry the bamboo out thoroughly before it's used for hydroponic gardening or anything else. Without this crucial step, you run the risk of bamboo pieces warping or cracking over time. Working with green bamboo is a big risk that you don't need to take, so take time to cure the bamboo before you start working with it.

Plan for Your Vertical Structure

Many bamboo structures are vertical, but vertical structures require a lot of specific planning for weight rating. Make sure that your structure can handle the loads that mature plants will place on it, or you may end up scraping your hydroponic produce off of the floor. You also have to make sure that all fasteners and fixtures are stable and secure, to prevent your hydroponic bamboo system from falling apart during the grow process.

Easy Plant Pots

One of the easiest ways to use bamboo is to cut holes on the top of a larger bamboo piece and put in plant pots so that plants grow out of these small holes. Use an appropriate type of saw to create those round holes and put sterile plant media in small packages inside. Then you can either germinate seeds inside this box, or transplant them as seedlings.

The Follow-Through

When you have plants inside your grow space, keep a careful eye on bamboo systems as you maintain plants. Look for any cracking or any instances where piping or tubing doesn't run as it should through the bamboo pieces. Make sure plants are growing in the right directions and give them ladder or trellis support when necessary.

These are some of the best ways to set up and use bamboo for hydroponics. These kinds of setups really make sense for any larger scale garden. Also take a look at closed grow boxes and grow tents that you can use to cultivate plants. See what's available from modern retailers and get involved in this innovative gardening process today!

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