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Hydroponics Systems

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Dealzer offers a full range of modern, state-of-the-art hydroponics systems for gardeners. Check out specific branded grow boxes like Grandma's Secret Garden or Cash Crop, and models that integrate modern methods like superponics. Find comprehensive systems with everything you need to start growing today – like grow lighting, grow media and other useful features.

  • 6 Square Mesh Pot Bucket Lid

    Extremely thick and durable. Great for home made hydroponic systems. Industries first square model that can be used with 6x6x6 rockwool but still can be used with clay pebbles or other growing mediums. Works with virtually...Learn More

  • "Easy Grow" 4 Plant Hydroponics Kit

    $195.00 $149.00
    "Easy Grow" 4 Plant Hydroponics Kit The EZ Grow Hydroponic kit includes everything you need to get started in hydroponics the EZ way. The "Easy Grow" features: 4 plant hydroponics system Advanced Nutrients Starter Pack...Learn More

  • DWC 4 - 6 Plant Hydroponics Reservoir Bucket System (Cash Crop and Grandma's Secret Garden)

    $99.00 $79.00
    This hydroponics reservoir is a Deep Water Culture system and the base model for the Cash Crop or Grandma's Secret Garden grow box. Dimensions 4 Plant - 13.5" L x 16" W x 5.5" T  Dimensions 6 Plant - 13.5" L x...Learn More

  • 6 Mesh Pot Bucket Lid

    $3.79 $3.78
    Extremely thick and durable. Great for home made hydroponic systems. Works with virtually any standard 5 gallon bucket.Learn More

  • 6 Plant Bubble Flow Buckets

    The 6 plant bubble flow buckets combine bubble bucket technology with ebb and flow technology into a fully automated hydroponics system. 6 Plant Bubble Flow - Hydroponics System The 6 plant bubble flow is a hydroponics...Learn More

  • Active Aqua Grow Flow Expansion Kit, 6 pot, 2 Gal GFOE2

    The Grow Flow Expansion Kit includes six growing modules, each consisting of a round 2-gallon pot with ½" fittings, an inner bucket, and all necessary connectors and tubing. Each pot features concave bottom with...Learn More

  • General Hydroponics AeroFlo Access Plug, 4"

    The 4-inch General Hydroponics® AeroFlo® Access Cap covers and seals the single 4-inch access site in any AeroFlo growth chamber.Learn More

  • General Hydroponics AeroFlo Site Plug, 3"

    The 3-inch General Hydroponics® AeroFlo® Site Plug covers and seals unused plant sites in AeroFlo systems.Learn More

  • AutoPot 4-Pot Standard Hydroponics System (3.9 gal Pots)

    The 4-pot system is a gravity fed watering system which requires no power, pumps or timers to operate. It is extremely versatile and caters for gardeners and growers of all abilities guaranteeing great results. Once set up...Learn More

  • General Hydroponics AeroFlo Laser Sprayline, 6'

    The 6-foot General Hydroponics® AeroFlo® Laser Sprayline is a laser-drilled spray hose custom-fitted for 6-foot AeroFlo square growing chambers.Learn More

  • 8 Mesh Pot Bucket Lid

    $3.99 $3.98
    Extremely thick and durable. Great for home made hydroponic systems. Works with virtually any standard 5 gallon bucket.Learn More

  • General Hydroponics WaterFarm Drain Level Tube

    The General Hydroponics® WaterFarm Drain Level Tube is compatible with WaterFarm hydro systems. It includes an elbow fitting and 12-inch drain level tube with stripe.Learn More

  • General Hydroponics WaterFarm Controller Kit, 8 Pack

    The WaterFarm 8-Pack Controller Kit comes complete with eight WaterFarms, a Standard Controller, three-part Flora nutrient kit, a dual-diaphragm air pump and all the necessary tubing. This versatile kit can be arranged to...Learn More

  • Platinium 4090 Series HydroStar

    $184.95 $175.92
    Platinium HydroStar is available in all 5 series. The 40 series features just 4 small square pots, while the 60, 40:90, 100, and 120 series have 6, 10, 20, and 30 pots each, respectively. Each system includes a reservoir,...Learn More

  • Active Aqua Root Spa 5 Gal Bucket System RS5GALSYS

    The Root Spa is a Deep Water Culture system. This 5 gallon bucket system is very simple, yet it grows large plants efficiently. After a very short time, you will realize the advantages of this uniquely easy-to-use,...Learn More

  • General Hydroponics WaterFarm

    The compact General Hydroponics® WaterFarm® hydroponic garden measures a mere 10-inch by 10-inch by 15-inches tall but boasts a reservoir capacity of four gallons. Its capable of growing small, medium and large...Learn More