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Light Parts & Accessories

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  • Hydrofarm 1/8 Light Riser Hanging Sys Heavy Duty 2 per 12/cs LULIFT

    The Light RiserHanging Systemmakes hanging reflectors, filters or other equipment a snap. Simply secure one of the quick release carabiner clips to a firm location, attach the other clip to the object you want to hang, and...Learn More

  • Hydrofarm 8 Notched Ballast Power Cord 14/3 120V BACD1

    Notched ballast power cord, a grow light accessory. 8 120V 14/3 power cord, NEMA 5-15P plug, IEC C15 notched receptacle. Learn More

  • Active Eye Analog Light Meter Footcandles 6/cs LG17000

    Photosynthesis and plant growth depend on the sun or specially-designed lighting systems. But of that light reaching the plant, only specific types of energy (in the lighting spectrum) drive the photosynthesis process...Learn More

  • Hydrofarm Capacitor MH 400W/Dry 24 MFD/400 VAC MIN BACPHL400

    Metal Halide 400 Watt/Dry 24 MFD/400 VAC MIN Capacitor Capacitors and replacement capacitors are available in a variety of wattages, brands, and types. Choosing a capacitor to best fit your system can be a confusing process...Learn More

  • Hydrofarm Ignitor Xtrasun Alum Conv/HPS 1KW BA50011A

    $23.95 $9.83
    Replacement ignitor for BAS100A, BAC100A, SGO100C, SGS100, & SGC100 Ignitors are components inside magnetic ballasts. They take power off the transformer and use it to strike the bulb inside the reflector. ...Learn More

  • Hydrofarm Xtrasun Aluminum HPS 1000W Ballast Kit BA50001A

    $135.15 $51.08
    Transformers work as ballast components, transforming or amplifying the power coming from the power source, such as the wall outlet, Replacement transformer for BAS100A, BAC100A, SGS100, SGC100Learn More