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In any hydroponics grow set up, sterile media is an important resource. Choose from items like coco coir, rockwool, clay pellets and more. Dealzer offers a wide range of grow media to helpers get started and keep plants healthy all the way through a crop cycle. Evaluate the different chemical properties and uses of sterile grow media to get the right solutions for your particular hydroponics grow project.

  • Pro Mix HP Mycorrhizae 2.8cf PT20281

    $33.95 $29.90
    PRO-MIX ® HP MYCORRHIZAE™ is a high porosity peat-based growing medium containing, beneficial mycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices). This formula ensures optimum growth, especially when high air capacity...Learn More

  • Hydroton Giant 50 Liter (36

    The original Hydroton® brand expanded clay is a unique, lightweight expanded clay aggregate made in Germany. This natural clay is mined, formed into pellets, then kiln fired at high temperatures to cause the clay to...Learn More

  • 6 x 6 x 6 Cultilene Rockwool Blocks

    $192.40 $150.00
    The Cultilene Blocks allow for great continued rooting thanks to the extremely even distribution of water and EC. With an optimum air/water ratio for healthy root growth, these blocks have an excellent water,The Cultilene...Learn More

  • Zen Blend Soil (10 Gal)

    $24.70 $22.80
    Zen Blend formula is blended out of 40% coco peat and 25% perlite making it ideal for starts, Fabric Prune Pots, or outdoor gardens where a fast draining formula is desired. It has a pH of 6.0 to 6.2, Zen Blend formula is...Learn More

  • Compressed Coco Fiber 12"x12" ROCB

    Roots Organics Coco Fiber has a near perfect natural pH level (5.2—6.3) for optimum nutrient uptake. Roots Organics Coco Fiber is premium aged and composted for 24 months and meticulously washed to remove excess...Learn More

  • GH Cocotek Bale 5 kg

    The CocoTek® line of organic growing media consists of three different types of compressed coco coir. This high-quality, low-sodium growing media is an environmentally friendly alternative to sphagnum peat moss. When...Learn More

  • Hydroton Original 10 Liter (140

    The original Hydroton® brand expanded clay is a unique, lightweight expanded clay aggregate made in Germany. This natural clay is mined, formed into pellets, then kiln fired at high temperatures to cause the clay to...Learn More

  • Roots Organics Formula 707 Growing Mix 3 Gallon Grow In Bag (250

    Formula 707 is a ready-to-use soil created for fast-growing, heavy feeding plants. It was designed with greater water holding capacity, less perlite and pumice and a coco fiber and compost for a good backbone, but plenty of...Learn More

  • Coco Loco Potting Mix 2 cf FX14100

    $26.95 $26.50
    The coir in Coco Loco® behaves like little sponges making water available as needed by the plants. Coco Loco® Potting Mix has the ability to hold more than its weight in water—while still draining well...Learn More

  • Nectar For The Gods #4 1.5 cu ft Plt)

    Blend #4: Nectars most popular blend. A general potting mix designed for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for multiple feedings per week. Mixed in small batches. Contains no bark or fillers. Coir fiber is rinsed on-site with...Learn More

  • Roots Organics B2 Professional Growing Mix 2 Cu Ft (75

    Roots Organics B2 Professional Growing Mix can act as a direct planting media or be used as the perfect base mix. Well-balanced between water-holding capacity and drainage, B2 is designed for absolute consistency and control...Learn More

  • Botanicare Cocogro Coir Fiber Bale 5 kg

    Cocogro® has a very low salt content that is available in 3/4 in double-sieved long fibers to reduce dust and give ample space within the mix. It has excellent drainage properties and can be used over a longer period of...Learn More

  • Wiggle Worm Soil Builder Earth Worm Castings 30 lb (75

    Wiggle Worm Soil Builder™ Earthworm Castings Organic Fertilizer is an all purpose natural fertilizer that comes to you straight from nature with no alterations whatsoever. Our nightcrawlers are fed a very rich peat...Learn More

  • Mother Earth Coco Bale 5kg

    Mother Earth® Coco Bale is made of 100% natural coco fiber. Coco pith combined with longer and shorter fibers help to create a soil alternative that has exceptional water-holding capacity, while maintaining high...Learn More

  • Perlite  SG4, 3.5 cu.ft. bag

    Perlite features large coarse particles which maximize nutrient uptake, drainage, and aeration and help prevent water rot at the root level. Perlite can be used as a stand-alone medium in drip systems or as a mix-in element...Learn More

  • Mother Earth Coco Peat Blend 1.5 cu ft (70

    Mother Earth® Coco Peat is a rich blend of ingredients designed to create a desirable plant growth media for those looking for an alternative to traditional bark-based growing medias. Comprised of coco fiber, peat moss,...Learn More