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LED Grow Lights

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In the hydroponics world, LED grow lights are extremely important for compact grow boxes, larger grow tents or other solutions. These high-quality, modern grow lights will provide the right light spectrum for plants, with energy-efficient features and modern, long-lasting design. Take a look at a selection of LED grow lights that Dealzer offers today's hydroponics gardeners.

  • Dealzer Quasar LED Grow Lights

    $99.00 $95.00
    Extensive research has shows that LEDs that operate in a vegetative spectrum of 420nm to 460nm produce optimal results. The same study shows that during flowering/blooming, the 630nm to 660nm spectrum produce optimal results...Learn More

  • Hydrofarm Duplex X Receptacle 120/240V 15A BAOX

    This commercial grade Duplex 120V/240V, 15A X-receptacle is ideal for the DIY grow room enthusiast. Whether youre starting on a fresh setup or replacing outlets in an existing area, this 120V/240V receptacle helps you get...Learn More

  • Phantom Phantom 50 Series Truss Hangers PHDETH1

    $6.99 $2.09
    Designed to easily mount your Phantom fixture from Unistrut or greenhouse C-channel strut for secure, level suspension.Accommodates trusses up to 2 1/2" wide.Learn More

  • TSW2000 Mars LED Grow Light

    $349.00 $259.95
    TSW2000 is one of our best-sellers as home-use LED grow lights, perfect lighting solutions for 4-8 plants. Affordable price, intuitive yields, and available dimmer and daisy chain function ensure its salability. Wattage -...Learn More

  • Mars TS600 Quantum Board LED Grow Light

    $129.00 $79.90
    TS600 is an introductory LED grow light with a low upfront cost and good results, for novices who are interested in growing indoor. TS600 can bring obvious improvements to 1-2 plants. Wattage - 100w Veg Coverage - 2x2...Learn More

  • ILUMINAR Rope Ratchets 1/8 with Metal Gears


  • Mars LED Light TS1000

    $199.00 $139.95
    Low Energy-Consuming LED Grow Light: Consuming 150w and also mounted with 354 chips, TS1000 has the ability to replace a 250w HPS light while reducing 40% power intake. High Efficiency LED Grow Light: With overall...Learn More

  • 20W LED Grow Light - Clone Side Light Carson Technlogies

    Carson’s 20W full spectrum LED grow light uses white and UV light technology. Surface mountable to a racking system, each tube replaces a F54 fluorescent tube. The clone light fits into 2' x 4' or 4' x 4' grow tent...Learn More

  • TS3000 Mars LED Grow Light

    $539.00 $419.95
    TS3000, as the biggest led grow light in TS series, offers enough coverage for 4x4 ft area with affordable price and quality yields, in return it's able to be applied to both home cultivation and commercial veg cultivation...Learn More

  • Hydrofarm PH/DE/XT 8, 120V, Power Cord w/Ferrite Ring 14 AWG 30 BACD12

    $12.97 $12.23
    Power cord for Phantom, Phantom DE, and Xtrasun ballasts. Features a robust ferrite bead for effective suppression of electromagnetic interference (EMI).120V 8 AWG 14/3 Ferrite bead for EMI suppression...Learn More

  • IL 240V Power Cord Wieland Female to Male NEMA 6-15 Plug/DE and CMH Fixtures/15/4.5m


  • SunBlaster Link Cord 24 SL0900239

    SunBlaster Link Cord, 24"SunBlaster T5HO and LED Strip Lights can be linked together from a single power cord. Up to eight units can be linked together as needed. This handy accessory link cord is ideal for getting the right...Learn More

  • 960W 8X4 LED Grow Light - Carson Technologies

    Carson’s full spectrum LED grow light uses white, red, and UV light technology. Hanging from rope ratchet hangers, the 480W twin-tube system replaces a 5 units of 315W ceramic metal halide. Fits into a 4' x 8' grow...Learn More

  • Mars LED Light TSL2000

    $295.00 $259.95
    TSL2000 provides perfect retangular lighting coverage for 4-6 indoor plants and for decorative Floral Shelf as well. Affordable price, intuitive yields and dimming and daisy chain function guarantee its salability...Learn More

  • 240W 3X3 LED Grow Light - Carson Technologies

    Carson’s 240W full spectrum LED grow light (600 Watt HID Equivalent) uses white, red, and UV light technology. Hanging from rope ratchet hangers, the 240W twin-tube system produces more yield than a 315W ceramic metal...Learn More

  • Hydrofarm 240V Power Cord 8 Nema 6-15P UL BACD3

    $11.99 $9.94
    240V Power Cord 8 Nema 6-15P ULWe offer a full range of power supply cords as well as adapters to switch from Hydrofarm ballasts to other brands of reflectors, or from Hydrofarm reflectors to other brands of ballasts. We...Learn More