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The Craziest Plants ever grown Hydroponically


Nearly everybody's heard of using hydroponics for things like lettuce and other kinds of greens and herbs, but what about some of the wildest, wackiest, weirdest plants you've ever seen growing in a hydroponics setup?

Here are some of the more unusual types of crops that you can grow in a hydroponic garden.


Why is it strange to grow corn hydroponically? Well, for obvious reasons. In rural parts of the country, we’re so used to seeing acres and acres of corn planted in the ground and fields that the idea of trying to grow this tall standing vegetable in hydroponics seems patently ridiculous. But you can grow corn hydroponically -- the only difference is that its roots are not in soil. You're still going to grow it standing straight up -- and despite some pretty significant obstacles, growers have been able to cultivate a few dozen cornstalks with hydroponic systems.


Pumpkins are one of the heaviest and largest fruits of a vine that we see grown throughout the year. They often get grown for fall harvests. You might not think that pumpkins are compatible with hydroponics. But as Halloween rolls around, we documented various cases of growers using hydroponic setups to grow big, orange, round pumpkins.


Like pumpkins, watermelons are heavy. They also vine like pumpkins. They need a lot of space to roam. Traditionally, things like pumpkins and watermelons grew on vines that rested on the ground. The heavy fruits also rested on the ground, so they didn't move over time.

In hydroponic setups, vining plants like this often grow downward as well as horizontally. The vines of the hydroponics system may be suspended from a framework above the ground. In some cases, hydroponics is used to grow smaller specialty varieties of watermelons. Either way, growers have been able to successfully grow things like pumpkins, watermelons and large squash.


can you grow an olive tree hydroponically? Why not? You just need a big enough pot. Now, there aren’t lots of examples out there, but there are a few growers who have tried this amazing feat.

Esoteric Herbs

Hydroponics isn't just for basil, oregano or rosemary. Growers have cultivated things like St. Johns wort, anise, and other flavorful or medicinal herbs that you don't usually think of gracing the American dinner table.

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