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How hydroponics can make you Young!


As we get older, almost all of us wish we were young again. That's just the way life goes. But some of us latch onto actual solutions -- lifestyle choices that help us live longer and have better quality of life, and feel younger as we grow older.

Hydroponics can be one of these. How, you ask? In a number of ways. But it starts with the actual science behind our food.

Case in point: a woman named Annette Larkins in Miami-Dade county in Florida. This woman started a garden in her backyard. A recent news future shows Larkins walking around crops like ginger, kale and others, and talking about how she feels every day.

“I'm very vibrant.” Larkins says. “I have lots of energy.”

The news story looks at Larkins’ actual age, and how she looks and feels. The science behind it is that fresh fruits and vegetables really can help us to combat aging. Eating whole raw foods is a kind of veritable “fountain of youth” for those who don't want to feel stuck in an older person's body.

That's is one of the ways hydroponics can help people live better as they age. Obviously, you have fresh local produce instead of supermarket food. You can eat raw foods for every meal or juice them for portable snacks.

Another way that hydroponic helps is to keep someone active. Gardeners have a lot to do during any given plant cycle. They have to go in and maintain plants and take care of them in various ways. This helps keep the body active and the muscles stronger. Even taking a certain number of steps per day really fights the physical factors of aging -- weaker muscles, softer bones and less range of motion or capacity for movement.

In general, hydroponics helps many people break the chain of dependency on subpar food. Supermarket produce often gets shipped long distances and has to be preserved or altered in some way. But processed foods are not nearly as good for us as whole raw foods, and that's what's at work in the above video and in the idea that your investment in hydroponics produce can really be good for your body as you age.

For much more about hydroponics, check out the Dealzer web site. We help beginners to do everything they need to set up a successful project and we stand behind our products with warranties and guarantees of satisfaction.

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