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3 Hidden Benefits of Hydroponics


Many of those people who are first thinking about getting started with hydroponics tend to boil it down to a matter of the money that it will take versus the benefit of having fresh food for the table. But hydroponics is really about a lot more than that, and lots of growers who make the investment end up finding that they've benefited from the process in a whole lot of ways that they never really anticipated.

Here are three of the “hidden benefits” of participating in hydroponics.


Hardly anyone thinks of the gear and equipment that hey buy for a hydroponics garden as an asset. They think of as a cost. But think about after you've done various plant cycles to grow fresh food. Does the value magically vanish from your grow boxes and other equipment? No. That equipment still has value on the market, even after it's fulfilled its role in helping you to create fresh produce.

Bartering Power

This is another one that often goes under the radar. However, it's still as relevant as it was centuries ago when people were much more likely to trade without money.

Put it this way -- the products of your garden are extremely valuable, not just to you, but to other people as well. Even if you're not considering a hydroponics garden as a small commercial project, that doesn't mean the produce doesn't have value. It's relatively easy to set up a trading program with neighbors and get even more out of your hydroponic gardening efforts.


Another often overlooked benefit of hydroponics is the skill that you acquire when you go through this process. A lot of growers would say it's like learning to ride a bike -- once you know, you don't forget. And that knowledge can come in handy in a number of ways. What you learn in hydroponics may even apply to things like the landscaping around your property, or how you prepare food in the kitchen. It's a comprehensive type of skill that you pick up, and it stays with you for life.

These are just some of the reasons why people get involved in the exciting world of hydroponics. If you have an interest in maybe getting started, check out Dealzer’s product catalog and website. We show you how easy it is to get started in hydroponics, with a versatile catalog and a lot of informational pages that will help you skip the learning curve and tackle the steep hill toward hydro success.

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