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5 Must Buy Products from Dealzer


So what's the best kind of stuff you can get from Dealzer? There's a ton of stuff, but here are some of the most popular products that we sell to growers all around the world.

Moon Dust Nutrients

These prepackaged nutrients are great for getting the easy solutions you need to feed plants. A lot of beginners have questions about nutrient makeup -- how much of each mineral or vitamin is supposed to be in there?

Moon Dust helps address this with a comprehensive approach to plant health. This nutrient contains things like beneficial fungi and kelp meal, as well as carefully balanced elemental chemistry to help provide what plants need for healthy development.

Carbon Filters

When you want to limit odor release from a hydroponic grow area, these carbon filters are the way to go. We specialize in providing affordable carbon filter solutions that keep the grow space and surrounding areas sanitary, and mask any biological odors that plants may put off within the grow area.

Buddha Box Grow Tent

Want to take on a big hydroponics project? The Buddha Box is a large floor-standing tent with quality materials to help you pack dozens of plants into a small interior space. With durable frames and covers, the Buddha Box will stand up to many growing cycles, offering you a great environment for those larger volume projects.

Cash Crop Grow Box

On the other hand, if you're looking for a sealed, compact grow box, Cash Crop is a great way to start. With items like high-powered grow lamps, an 80 CFM fan system and reflective interior materials, the Cash Crop system helps provide the environment that can accommodate photosynthesis. 10 gallon rated air pump helps insure ventilation and irrigation for the plant environment.

Air Stones

Aerate the water in your deep water culture reservoir with these innovative products. Dealzer sells a variety of air stones and bubble stones, as well as other air and water handling materials to make sure that plants get fresh, oxygenated water and fresh air rather than stagnation.

These are just some of the products that make Dealzer the place to go for hydroponics. Check out our online product catalog and all resources that we offer beginners.

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