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5 ways to make your crops bigger with Hydroponics


With a lot of growers, it's always ‘bigger and better.’ How do you maximize yield and produce impressive harvests? Of course, this is central to the process for many reasons – whether you’re a commercial grower or just providing food for your family, you want the most that you can get from each plant cycle. Here are some of the ways that growers try to boost output and get bigger crop results.

Carbon Dioxide

Sometimes additional carbon dioxide in the form of a CO2 boost or extra accessory tank can help provide bigger plant results. For the best strategy, make sure all of the plant’s basic environmental needs are met before adding the extra CO2.

Nutrient Digestion

There's a word called “chelation” in hydroponics that refers to how plants digest the nutrients that are provided to them. Providing good digestion means co-locating various elements so that plants can better ingest the things that they need for good growth. It also means providing these elements to plant roots or other parts of the plant in the right ways. One such method is called foliar feeding, where growers spray a mist onto a plant’s stem and leaves to supplement root feeding.

Provide Adequate Light

Plants need the right amount of light for good photosynthesis. They also need the right spectrum of light to thrive. Look at what plants need in both vegetative and flowering phases, and set up your grow lights accordingly to benefit from bigger and healthier harvests.

Micromanage Climate in the Flowering Phase

In many ways, the flowering phase of plant life is a kind of ‘race to the finish.’ Good growers often add extra dietary elements, change lighting, change temperature or otherwise change a plant’s atmosphere to provide that final boost in harvest.

Manage Irrigation Flow

It's crucial to get water to plants at the right intervals and for the right durations. This is going to be central to the plant growth that you get, so plan your irrigation well and make sure systems ad structures are in good order, and that air and water are properly oxygenated.

This is just part of the equation for optimal hydroponic strategy. For a lot more, check out all of the resources available at Dealzer, where you can learn more about growing plants with the best kinds of gear and equipment.

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