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Advanced Nutrient Management Techniques for Growers


No, you don't have to be an expert chemist to raise hydroponic plants, but sometimes, going beyond the basics in nutrient management can get you better and more precise outcomes.

There are many ways to fine-tune plant development. Some have to do with simply arranging the conditions for plants in their general environment. Others have to do with chemical formulas for nutrients.

Here are some of the things that work well for our growers.

Water Quality

Growers who want to optimize plant development start out with water that has good quality. They don't just use tap water -- they analyze the water and look at its components. High-quality water will be lower chlorination and softer water. Pure water helps produce better plants.

Water Temperature

Growers also experiment with water temperature, partly because it supports the root systems, but also because cooler temperatures can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria or fungi in nutrient solutions. Growers may use water chillers to keep the water temperature a good 10 to 20° below the temperature of the environment for the rest of the plant.

Media Quality

Growers also look at items like rockwool and coco coir to make sure that the grow media is supporting the right pH value and plants.

Flowering and Vegetative Phases

One of the basic tweaks that growers do with hydro nutrients is to distinguish between flowering and vegetative phases. They'll craft a nutrient solution to the static growth of the vegetative phase, and another different formula to the rapid final growth phase.

Last Meal

Taking this a step further, growers might flush the reservoir right before harvest and introduce all kinds of other nutrient solutions such as protein-rich bone meal or other extras. This will help plants bulk up directly before the harvest.

In addition, growers will look at precise levels of things like calcium, magnesium and iron, to micromanage the chemical formulas plants feed on. For more about hydroponic nutrients and everything else, take a look at Dealzer’s website and don't forget to go through our catalog with thousands of pieces of equipment help you set up a successful project in hydroponics. Become one of those people who really benefit from a well set up hydroponic system in your home or business space.

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