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Best Hydroponic Grow Medium for maximum results


Here's a big question -- what do you use for sterile plant media? What do your plants grow in?

Growers have their opinions based on their own types of projects and what they consider to be the optimal grow medium. But there are also some pretty common and opinions with the industry.

One general feeling that a lot of growers have is that there are several ‘top grow media’ to be used according to drainage needs and other factors. In general, growers use items like rockwool, coco coir, clay pellets, perlite and vermiculite.

Within this list, coco coir, clay pellets and perlite emerge as three favorites. Rockwool also makes the top of list for many growers

According to Drainage

To optimize your grow media, consider how much water your plant needs to retain in the plant pot. Experts consider perlite to have much better drainage than the other materials, where coco coirand clay pellets tend to hold water more.

Coco Coir

There are several points about coco coir, which is basically made from coconut husk material, that make it an absolute favorite for many growers. That's why coco coir is often included in hydroponic systems, and why, for many, it is the optimal grow medium.

First, coco coir is rot resistant and mold resistant to provide a cleaner atmosphere. It has great pH levels naturally, and it acts as a kind of insulator. It's also a biodegradable substance.

All of this makes coco coir a winner for many kinds of hydroponic projects. For example, in many ebb and flow type tray table projects, growers like to have a mix of coco coir and perlite on top, with some clay pellets in the bottom. This kind of 50-50 mixing strategy is not uncommon as growers micromanage how water goes from one area to another within the plant pot.

The bottom line is that optimal grow media has to be matched to all of the factors such as -- how you irrigate plants, how water flows through systems, what kind of reservoir you are using, etc. But going with any of the above is a common choice for sterile grow media that will serve you well through many plant cycles.

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