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Can you grow all the food you need with Hydroponics?


If you're asking this question, maybe the most pertinent question for reponse is this -- how much food do you need?

Lots of people who ask about this are simply wanting enough produce for the dinner table for an average sized family. With that in mind, they don't need to cultivate huge garden areas in order to get things like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and other items for salads or for dressing up sandwiches or other dishes. It's just three meals a day for 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 people.

Looking at Single Plant Output

One of the factors here is that you can get a lot of produce out of one plant within the growing season.

Take the example of a cherry tomato plant. Given the right room to grow, many of these varieties will provide dozens and dozens of small cherry tomatoes over the plant’s lifetime. That means you might just have enough to feed your family.

The Convenience and Abundance of Multiple Plants

Although one plant can put out a lot of food, for a comfortable harvest, it's better to have at least two or three plants of the same type. So, two or three cherry tomato plants, two or three lettuce plants, etc. This ensures that when you go to harvest enough for a meal, you get what you need for that particular meal. With just one plant, harvesters often have to skimp and strategize to get the food that they need without overharvesting plants.

What Your Family Eats

For households that love to chow down on meats and carbs and processed foods, where vegetables are just a side dish, a small hydroponic garden can do the trick. However, the more produce-centric your diet is, the more you're going to need. In a lot of cases, to really have a comfortable amount of food, you'll need a larger grow tent or grow system that accommodates one or two dozen plants.

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