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Common Problems with Bubbler Hydroponics


If you're having some issues with a certain type of hydroponics setup often called ‘bubbler’ hydroponics or a deep water culture system, here are some of the things that growers often complain about with these types of installations. Bumbler hydroponics involves using air stones, bubblers, specialized pumps or other gear to provide bubbles and oxygenate a reservoir, which then provides nutrient -rich water to plant roots.


In some cases, excessive bubbling can actually cause problems in the grow environment. Here, there are simple physics at work. Suppose you get too much bubbling and oxygenation, and the bubbles go to the top with too much force. Over time, they can shift and even break plant roots and disrupt the serenity of the water in ways that can really compromise plant health. It's important to get the bubbling balance right in order to have the good oxygenated water without this kind of disruption.


By the same token, you can have a system where there's just not enough force to keep nutrient materials in play. Nutrient solids may shift to the bottom of the reservoir where they won't do any good for plants. You also won't get the same kinds of vibrant oxygenation you’re looking for. Again, adjusting the bubbling precisely is key to having a healthy bubbler or deep water culture system.


Algae can build up in a system and block the air stone or other pertinent. It can also compete for resources in the reservoir. Algae is a specific problem that lots of growers have. Many systems can tolerate a little bit, but out of control algae requires quick and effective solutions. Some growers use a little diluted hydrogen peroxide and scrub algae away from the edges or structures of a system. It's also important to seal light out from the reservoir to prevent algae growth.

Off-balanced Nutrients

It's important to have a well-built deep water culture system that distributes nutrients in the right way, but it's also important have the right nutrient mix. When nutrient solutions are off, they can cause something called nutrient burn where they burn leaves, or they can fail to provide what plants need to thrive. There's also the idea of preserving the right pH value for plants -- too much of an acid or too much of a base can have a negative effect - for more on all kinds of other hydroponic maintenance issues, check out Dealzer’s website and look at our product catalog. We've put together everything that beginning growers need to succeed in growing hydroponic greenhouse or indoor plants.

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