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You might be surprised by the enormous inventory at Dealzer. Not every hydroponic retailer has this diversity of products on hand to help growers around the world to start up a project and succeed with this innovative type of growing.

It wasn't too long ago we were boasting about having over 1500 pieces of equipment. But we’re always expanding our catalog to include the newest and best modern items for superior hydroponics cultivation.

Grow Tents and Grow Boxes

A substantial part of our catalog consists of large floor-standing grow tents, as well as small, sealed, compact grow boxes that will give growers virtually everything they need to start growing right away. For large volume and large-scale projects, grow tents offer a great expedited way to set up and get started. For smaller numbers of plants that need their own interior climate and environment, a grow box is often the right solution.

Lights, Nutrients Etc.

We also have a vast catalog of accessories and other items that are needed to do hydroponics well. With lighting, you want the right luminous intensity and spectrum of light to serve plants in both vegetative and flowering phases. You may also need prepackaged nutrients for both of these phases. We've got all of this and more in one central repository, and that makes hydroponic shopping easy.

Extra Gear and Items

In addition to all of the basics, and full hydroponics kits for complete gardening installations, we also have on hand many of the newest and best things that growers are looking for to augment or enhance grow operations. For example, have you heard of bio wave? The bio wave machine operates on the principle that harmonic vibrations can help plants to grow better and increase their harvests. We've got these innovative machines, as well as other accessories for the grower, such as grow goggles and pruning shears. Put together a full “grower’s toolbox” and you’ll be ready for anything Mother Nature can throw at you, whether you’re growing a couple of plants in a grow box or kitchen garden project for fun, or trying to ramp up a commercial operation.

Whether it's a question of warding off harmful bacterial and invaders, or nourishing plants and supporting photosynthesis, we've got anything you could ever want for hydroponics. Check us out at www.dealzer.com and call us at 888-HYDRO-81 if you need help choosing from our unlimited catalog. Thanks – and happy gardening!

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