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Grow Box Beginner's Guide


When you're just starting out trying to figure out hydroponics, there are some very basic things you need to look at in a grow box or other similar setup. These are not related to the delicate trial and error process that growers use to maximize growth over many cycles – they are things that you cover at the very beginning of an introduction to hydroponics. They are the essential basics of nuts and bolts for making sure plants grow in a grow box.

Lighting and Lumens

In order to help plants achieve photosynthesis without natural sunlight, you need lighting, but you need specific lighting that is bright enough to support your hydroponic plants.

Most growers now measure light in “lumens” and not wattage or electrical draw. There are several reasons for this, including the emergence of light emitting diode or LED lights that are now getting popular in grow areas. These low heat and low fire risk lights also save on electricity. But the bottom line is you need lighting with enough lumens to get plants what they need to grow. Take a look at recommended light intensity, and match that up with what retailers are selling you in a grow box.


Another very basic issue is how plants get water to their roots.

There are several different systems for this. In what you might call a “tray” setup, plant roots rest directly in reservoir water and drink in nutrients and water that way. In other systems, tubing delivers water at periodic intervals. You're going to have to figure out how this will work, and how plants will get access to the nutrient-rich water that they need for development.

Controlling Temperature, pH Value and More

Another part of the basics of hydroponics is maintaining an adequate environment for plant growth. You need the right temperatures, the right humidity and the right pH value. PH value is a measure of the acidity of reservoir water. You need to be checking your reservoir for correct pH value ranges over time. You can get some easy tools for this vital part of hydroponic maintenance from your trusted hydroponics retailer.

Air and Water Handling

Just like in a fish tank, you'll need circulation tools to keep air and water circulating in a grow box. This helps to prevent problems with stagnant air and water that can ruin plants. Look for bubbling tools and other items like fans and air vents to keep air and water moving.

These are some of the very basic ideas of setting up hydroponic grow boxes for beginners. In more advanced levels, growers look at micromanaging plant growth to get better yields and harvests. For more, check out what Dealzer can offer growers.

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