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Grow Tent Beginner's Guide


For beginners, there are a few basic things to think about when buying a grow tent or similar hydroponics design.

Size and Number of Plants

One of the first things you want to do is match your plans to actual floor-standing model and the square footage that it takes up. Grow tents can get rather big, up to 10’ x 10' spaces or bigger, so think about the number of plants you want to cultivate, and the amount of space you have, to get the perfect fit.


Durability is also one of those first things that beginners should look at when they're shopping for a grow tent. This is going to make a lot of the difference between an easy installation and harvest, and a project where things go awry. You want sturdy, well fitted metal or heavy material pieces for the frame, and you want to make sure that frame is not going to get rickety or fall apart when the system is in use. You also want durable vinyl or other covering for the tent. All of this is key to getting the best model for hydroponic operations.


Access is something that can be a kind of double-edged sword. You want to make sure that the grow tent has adequate access for the grower to come in and move around, and care for plants -- and with a grow tent, this is even more important, because there's going to be more space than you can get to by just putting your arm inside the tent.

At the same time, growers want to minimize unauthorized access. Strategic placement of a grow tent is important, but some tents can also come with features that will help prevent other humans or animals from getting into a grow space and wreaking havoc.

Nutrients, Water and Light

At the beginner’s level, you just want to make sure that you have adequate lights with enough luminosity and light spectrum to accommodate plants’ needs. You want to make sure that there's a logical and feasible way to get water running through the plant environment, and that you'll have the nutrients that you need to nourish plants. These are the basics of getting the equation right for photosynthesis in a grow tent, without delving too far into a sophisticated analysis of this kind of project.

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