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Grow Tent Expert Guide


At an advanced level, you'll be looking at how to micromanage the features and environment of a grow tent to fully support and cultivate plants. After gaining a thorough control of the basics around grow tent operations, growers can dig into the nuances and details of how to get better, more vibrant harvests.

Looking Out for Blight and Burn

Part of advanced hydroponics management is knowing what to look for, to control some of the most dangerous types of conditions for a plant cycle. One is bacterial blight -- symptoms include brown leaf tips or withering leaves. Some similar symptoms can also indicate nutrient burn, where plants are getting too much of a particular chemical element.


Another part of advanced grow tents management is automation. Over time, you can put together a toolkit of modern resources like timers, sensors, remote controls and more to manage things like temperature, humidity and pH value from remote locations. This will make your plant cycles much less labor-intensive, and free you up to pursue other goals.

Sea of Green and Screen of Green

These two types of strategies, sea of green or SOG and screen of green or SCROG, are both aimed at delivering light and other benefits to plants through the careful presentation of a collective canopy -- look at these kinds of solutions for growing large-scale crops in a grow tent, in making sure that you get the maximum out of every cycle.


Cloning is another type of project you can take on at an advanced level. It involves making cuttings from other plants and growing them as their own individual plants. Clones will be fairly fragile until they develop their own root systems, so they may need a separate grow area in order to be fully supported as they grow to maturity.


Growers may also pursue aquaponics, where adding fish or marine life to a hydroponics reservoir can build a kind of biological synergy that benefits both the plants and the fish - look for various ways to include this in a hydroponics design.

Foliar Feeding or FogPonics

Another advanced type of grow tent strategy is often called “fogponics”. It's the idea that you can pursue supplementary feeding for plants, by misting or spraying chemical elements onto the surfaces of plants. Plants take in the nutrients through small glands on their stems called stomata. This can be another part of fine-tuning an existing hydroponics system for even more success with each cycle - for much more on hydroponics grow tents and everything associated with them, check out Dealzer’s product catalog and all the other resources we offer to a worldwide community of growers.

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