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Guideline To Gain Charisma in Your Clothing


Typically in everything that I do, I strive to gain charisma. And that includes even when selecting my clothing. What fun is wearing beautiful clothing if it doesn’t compel you to have fun and gain the charisma that attracts everybody to you? I love it when my clothing accomplishes this.

If right now you don’t consider yourself as being “charismatic”, then it’s okay. Having charisma is something that you learn – not something that you’re born with. And in the case of having charismatic clothing, this is something that you learn also. 

So hopefully by the end of reading this, you’ll be one step closer to gaining charisma in your clothing – and flaunt it while living the fun and exciting social life you’ve always wanted to have.

So how do you gain charisma in your clothing? Well it isn’t hard, and it isn’t easy at the same time either. You have to make change in yourself on the inside, and re-invent yourself on the outside.

So if you consider yourself boring, and you think you have boring clothing, then the tips below will be a guideline to getting you out of your boring attire, and getting IN clothing that captivates everyone around you. Here’s the first tip:
1) Purchase a breathtaking black dress.

You should go and buy a sleek and sexy black dress for yourself. Match it with the perfect black heels, and you’ll start to notice more and more eyeballs being drawn towards you. After all, what man can resist a woman in a black dress? You’ll immediately gain new friends just from how classy and appealing you look.

Prepare yourself for being the center of attention. Whenever you leave the room, people will wait and watch to see you again once you enter the room. The fact of the matter is that subconsciously in peoples’ minds, YOU will be identified as someone who has charisma. 

YOU will be classified as someone who they want to emulate. So get that black dress and make yourself someone that nobody wants to forget about.

2) Change the way you shop for clothes

Instead of going to clothing outlets and picking out things that you “need”, buy clothes that you really WANT to wear. Buy the clothes that you know deep down inside will turn you into a charismatic person overnight.It is impossible to explore all the shops in your vicinity without getting tired and frustrated but you can do it simply by looking online. you can explore variety of clothes and the specific ones which will suit you best on Rebateszone.

Just a simple wardrobe change can affect peoples’ perception of you. And this includes your friends and family members too.

Don’t just go to the mall and buy boring stuff. Buying boring stuff actually has a negative effect on how you view yourself. So don’t do this. Go to the mall and get ready to shine. 

Exude confidence when you shop, and display confidence in the sexy clothes that you’re looking to buy. And when the sales rep in the store tries to suggest or pick out outfits for you – tell them that you have everything handled – and that you just need to try it on to see that it fits.

Look how much more powerful and confident you will feel just from telling the sales rep that to their face. This is your life, and never again do you have to go through life with low charisma. If it’s your goal to be desired and to have people admire you everywhere you go, then the first step is a wardrobe change.

3) Change your body language

This might be the most important part of gaining charisma in your clothing. Do yourself a favor and think about this for a second: Think of all of the Victoria Secret commercials you’ve seen, and ask yourself if all of the models in the commercials exude charisma. From my point of view, they do. And in my point of view, you can too.

Learn simple body language tips that will gain peoples’ respect for you immediately. One quick way to do this with is a pair of black heels, with red bottoms. Men and women will have their eyes on you no matter where you go. 

If you walk around with black heels with gorgeous red bottoms, then the immediate connotation is that you are comfortable in your own skin, and that you are a woman with supreme confidence.

This affects your charisma because it will change the way you walk. Instead of walking quickly as if you were in tennis shoes, you will find yourself walking slower and with more power – and standing in a way that attracts people from the farthest corners of the galaxy - due to so many people having their eyes on you. 

You will KNOW that you are sexy and amazing, and other people (and aliens for that matter() will know too.
4) Change the way you do your hair

Don’t always wear your hair in a ponytail. There is nothing charismatic than that. In some cases, you may even want to dye your hair. If you’ve never dyed your hair blonde before, now is the time to try it. Do it as part as a social experiment for yourself. 

Or if you want to take an easier route, buy a blonde wig and examine how it makes you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror.

They say that blonde woman are dumb, but how can that be true if all the guys are always chasing after them? 

Obviously men find blonde woman charismatic and have a sense of style, otherwise they wouldn’t be chasing them wherever these women go. So how is the ability to make men chase you anywhere related to them having zero intelligence?

If you don’t want to do blonde hair, then simply make it a point to continually go to the local hair salon and getting your hair done. 

Charisma is all about attracting and drawing people to you, and what you wear and how you feel about yourself is the first step towards being charismatic.

The next time you go shopping with friends, pick out the dress or outfit that gets everyone’s approval (including your’s), and include a few simple jewelry items to accent your beauty and hard to resist charisma.

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