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Herbal Plants That Can Be Used as Disinfectants


Nature never fails to amaze us with its miraculous attributes. Any disease either physical or mental, you name it, can be somehow controlled or cured by using natural herbs, for example, you can find several medical MJ benefitsfor depression since MJ is considered to be one of the beneficial plants, even in some areas there’s MJ clinic to assist patients,or you can also see how herbs like turmeric are used to heal physical injuries. Likewise, herbs have become an essential part of our household and are aiding us in managing a healthy and happy lifestyle. From cooking to cleaning, you will find herbs beneficial in almost all the household domains.

Speaking of cleaning in particular, if you ever get to read the constituents of a simple disinfectant and antibacterial cleaning agent, you will definitely find some natural herb in it. Or our favorite flavors of disinfectants are usually lemon and mint which is simply reflective of how important herbs are to be used as disinfectants. Here are some herbs that you can easily find and can be used as disinfectants aptly:


We all love the clean and refreshing aroma of mint and that is why it tops this list. Mint can be used in different forms to be used as disinfectants. For example, you can add a few drops of peppermint oil in water along with some lemon and can use the liquid to clean the doors and windows. This will help to keep all the flies and those little bugs far from your windows and doors thus, giving you a house free from insects.


The tall tree with those beautiful long leaves is not just fascinating for the sight rather they are amazingly productive if used as disinfectants. It has antibacterial properties. Adding eucalyptus oil with some tea tree oil will work as a magic for your bathrooms in particular. It will not just disinfect the place, but also will leave a refreshing and soothingly pleasant smell which will give you a sense of satisfaction that your surroundings are absolutely clean.


Besides being our favorite spice, clove has antibacterial and antifungal properties, thus making it a great choice to get rid of the mold and prevent it from growing back. Put half teaspoon of clove oil in a spray bottle and let the solution stay on the tile for some time. scrub it away afterward with a microfiber cloth and don’t rinse the surface with clean water because the dried solution will prevent the mold from re-growing.


Other than being our favorite herb for cooking, it is the best antibacterial that can even kill norovirus before it enters your body. It may not be as strong as bleach, but it can be a good cleaning agent and be used as detergent as well. It is safe to use and has no noxious fumes like bleach.

Bay Leaves:

Bay leaves are the best choice if you want to keep all the bugs and other moths away from your pantry. All you need to do is to put some dried leaves where ever you want and witness its miraculous presence. Likewise, as a precaution, you can hang some leaves at the entrance of your house so that all the small insects can stay away.


Rosemary can be used effectively to create an all-purpose cleaning spray for your house. Add some orange peel and rosemary in a jar full of vinegar and let it stay there for two or four weeks. Then add the solution with water and use it for cleaning the surfaces. Besides disinfecting your house, it gives a refreshing and pleasant smell.


Just like rosemary, lavender is also an amazing disinfectant and deodorizer. Mix some lavender oil with baking soda and use it for cleaning your carpets. It will leave a pleasantly refreshing smell.


Just like mint, lemon is found to be in almost every remedy for making disinfectants. It does not only enhance the tastes of foods and beverages but is also best known for its bleaching properties. You can use lemon juice with any of either baking soda or vinegar to be an effective antibacterial cleaning agent.

All of these herbs are easily available in almost every part of the world. Bring them to use and make the most out of them. Keep your houses clean and disinfected in an absolutely eco-friendly manner. 

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