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How Loud is a Dealzer Grow Box?


It's a good question to ask, because while decibel level might seem like one of those technical specifications for a grow box or grow system, it becomes super-important after you buy the thing and install it in your home or business space.

In fact, the loudness of the system is one of the biggest indicators of how much you'll enjoy growing with it. Grow boxes that sound like a Mack truck are going to be intrusive to the people who are otherwise using the building. Pumps that turn on or off with loud, obnoxious sounds are really going to distract your day, the same way that a noisy dishwasher or washing machine does.

Dealzer and Quiet Technology

At Dealzer, we invest in relationships with manufacturers that understand that quietness is a key value proposition for hydroponics equipment. Some of our best systems come with whisper-quiet operational design, so that pump mechanisms and other elements of the grow box don't wreck your day or ruin your night's sleep. Just take a look at our Cash Crop boxes or other similar designs to get hydroponic grow equipment that won't sound like a freight train rattling through your home or office.

Satisfaction Guarantees and Warranty Provisions

We also offer certain guarantees on a lot of our products and equipment. Many of our systems come with a full three-year warranty on parts, so that if something isn't working as it should, you can get it back to factory-direct condition. Our support is more than just a piece of paper -- we honor our warranties, and we stand behind our equipment. We offer vibrant support for customers so that their questions and issues are answered, and they get the satisfaction that they wanted out of their hydroponic equipment.

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