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How to avoid pests in Hydroponic Gardening


When starting out with a hydroponics project, beginners often have problems with pests. Different kinds of bugs and critters can infest your grow area and harm or kill your plants. So what can you do about it?

Here are some of the top ways to deal with different kinds of hydroponic pests and make sure your crops don't get devastated by these tiny attackers.

Sealed Systems

Many hydroponics growers who use a closed grow box or similar setup already have the upper hand on pests; because these systems are closed, it's much harder for bugs to get inside. With adequate venting and air filtering, these closed systems can be excellent ways to raise food without the specter of insect invasions.


Another way to control pests is by spraying the plants. You don't have to spray with high-powered, caustic chemicals. In some cases, simple items like cayenne pepper and vinegar can be used to ward off bugs. Then there are specially formulated mixtures made for different kinds of pests such as white flies, fungus gnats and aphids. Take a look at what's at your disposal to fight back against these types of common pests.


Another thing growers might do involves buying some predator bugs from a supply store. Most of the common hydroponic pests are food for different other kinds of insects. For example, spider mites, which can infest a hydroponic garden, are eaten by other kinds of mites. White flies and fungus gnats also have their particular predators, as do aphids. Growers can find these bugs in supply stores and use them to get rid of pests that might otherwise harm their plants.


It also matters where you put your grow space. If it's indoors, you can strategically put a grow area away from where bugs are likely to infiltrate and again, the natural barriers involved in hydroponics help growers get one step ahead of pests.

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