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How To Choose Hydroponic Grow Lighting


If you're in the market for lighting for a hydroponics system, you have a lot of options. Here are some of the common considerations for getting the right solutions for hydroponic growing.

Figure Out Watts Per Square Footage

You want enough light intensity to actually cultivate plants well. For a range of crops, you want from 25 to 30 watts per square foot; other types of plants may need a bit more. Do the math to figure out how much lighting power you need.

High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide or LED Bulbs

The traditional choices for hydroponic grow lighting have been high-pressure sodium lights and metal halide lights. High wattage lights of this kind are useful in cultivating plants. But there's also the light emitting diode or LED light systems that are now on the market.

LED has the advantage of not throwing out a lot of heat. This lowers fire risk and consumes less energy. It also decreases the chances of nutrient burn where plants are too close to light.

Getting Hydroponic Reflectors

Reflectors and reflective surfaces help distribute light well. Look for interior reflective panels or other gear that will help distribute light to every plant equally, so that you can support your plants better with the lighting that you choose.

Light Spectrum

Growers also need specific parts of the light spectrum to make sure plants are well served with hydroponic lighting. Take a look and make sure that in addition to the wattage that you need, you're also getting the light spectrum that’s necessary.

Choosing Ballasts

A ballast is something that regulates current to the hydroponic lighting setup. It's an important part of these high-powered grow lights. Make sure you have a precision electrical support system for your lighting, so that everything goes well during the grow cycle.

Adjustable Lighting

Certain types of hydroponic lighting have yo-yo setups or other adjustable features. This will help you make sure that you don't burn plants with lighting, or overwhelm them, while also keeping the lighting close enough to give plants with they need for photosynthesis.

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