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How to Correctly Dry and Store Hydroponic Herbs


So you've gotten your plants all the way through the initial process -- but how do you keep them good for future sale or use? This is a very important question that growers often ask us in order to maximize the benefit of their hard labor. Here's a step-by-step guide to making sure your produce is in good shape for long-term use.

  • 1.Harvest Correctly

Look for practical harvesting tips about exactly where to snip buds, leaves or stems. Have a consistent harvesting process that leaves you with consistent looking product that you can dry and cure for storage. Having a small set of hand pruning shears can help.

  • 2.Utilize Drying Tools

Growers can get things like drying racks or drying boxes that will give them the surface and room they need to effectively dry herbs or other plants. In a lot of cases, part of the problem with drying is that you need to have a good space to use. You can try to make your kitchen table or outdoor patio do double duty, but often, problems with people, pets and high-traffic areas intrude. Look at available racks and box accessories to give your plants an adequate place to dry out in peace.

  • 3.Apply Temperature as Necessary

Some of the newer tools for drying indicate certain temperature guides that will help to really get the moisture out of plants. Use these judiciously -- too much can actually burn plants and spoil their natural chemistry for storage.

  • 4.Get Good Containers

The container for herbs also make a difference. Glass containers with sealable tops are ideal. If you can get these, try to find something that has a more or less transparent wall and a pretty good ceiling.

  • 5.Store in a Cool, Dry, Dark Place

For optimal storage, you want to keep herbs away from light. You also want the area to be low humidity -- you don't want spores or other things growing on plants or containers. You also don't want excessive heat, as that can make these items less attractive over time.

These are some step-by-step tips for getting some of your dried produce in good shape after harvest. For more, keep an eye on Dealzer as we continue to talk about the biggest things that challenge growers and the best ways to get around them. Look at all of our equipment on our catalog site to get the gear that you need to start putting together your own successful hydro project.

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