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How to Create a Portable Hydro Module


Suppose you've already mastered the basics of hydroponics growing -- you have your system set up and running well in your home or business space. But what about portability?

One of the things that people like about hydroponics is its portability relatives who soil-based growing. You can create systems that can go anywhere, in the corner of a room or in a basement or attic, for example. But even hydroponics systems aren't really that portable in certain ways.

Suppose you want to do some outreach, and go teach about hydroponics, or just show your skills off to others. You want to show people what this looks like when you're away from your garden. How do you do that?

Here are some steps to create an addition to your garden that will make for easy “show and tell” processes and still allow your plants to be all together in your common garden space.

Create a removable plant pot module

One of the first steps is to create a modular single plant pot that can be attached and detached to and from the hydroponics system. For instance, if you're growing in PVC, take a hacksaw and remove one small part of the tube, then engineer fasteners that will allow you to take this last piece on and off. Another good example is a rectangular vinyl tray. You want to be able to remove a single plant to take it with you and then install it back into the garden when you're done.

Splice your irrigation tubing

You'll also want to engineer this model so that it can be fed by the same system that nurtures all of your other plants. Provide a faster or coupling so that you can attach and detach the tube.

Create a micro-reservoir

In the detached plant pot structure, engineer a small space for nutrient-rich water in case your plant needs this while on the go.

Engineer a plan for temperature and humidity

You may have your grow area at a specific temperature and humidity that is different from the average room temperature environment. If so, you want to protect your plant from shock. One way to do this is to create a glass or clear plastic case that goes over the plant pot so that when the plant is in transit, it's adjusting to different environments slowly.

These are some ways to build a modular set that allows you to remove a component of your garden for the purposes of demonstration. For much more on hydroponics, check out the Dealzer web site.

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