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How to Create a Spiral Garden


Want to take a page from one of the most innovative new ideas for a hydroponic garden structure? The ‘spiral slide’ is taking off in a lot of places, for a number of reasons. One of them is that the spiral slide design allows gardeners to put irrigation tubing inside a continuous larger pipe that spirals consistently down, in order to use gravity well. This eliminates the need to have tubing running vertically outside of the pipe structure, where there's an opportunity for leaks and damage.

Here are some of the basic steps to designing and creating one of these garden structures.

Set Up a Central Pole

The central vertical pole is where water is going to come up from the ground, in order to run down through the spiral slide structure. You'll need to find a way to base and anchor the pole so that it stays straight up.

Create the Spiral Structure

For this, you're going to need to be creative. You may need something that's a little more flexible than PVC pipe, which is a common go-to for garden designers. Whatever your material is, it will need to be cuttable, and somewhat bendable, in order to create the spiral design you need.

Cut Holes in the Spiral Structure that You've Created

Put holes in the top of the spiral structure that you created. This is where plant pots will sit, in order for the plant roots to go down and irrigate through the pipes.

Set Pump and Reservoir

Put the pump and reservoir somewhere close by on the floor, so that the water can come up the central pole to run down through the spiral and get at plant roots. Make sure you have a well-rated pump, and that everything is fastened and connected correctly.

With these steps, you have the beginning structure for a spiral system. You need to make sure that the plants are well situated in regard to grow lighting, and that you have the right nutrients to sustain them. With the equation of light plus water plus nutrients, plants can flourish and thrive. You'll see the upper part of your spiral turn green as plants start to blossom and grow out. Continual harvest means you have a continuous supply of fresh greens or whatever else you put into your garden structure.

For more on hydroponics gardening and the tips and tricks of the industry, take a look through the Dealzer website, where we provide a lot of resources for new growers.

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