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How to Grow a Swinging Door Garden


New ideas are coming up for hydroponics management all the time. So many different structures are used to house plants that grow with their roots in water. If you've already read a whole bunch of our guides on nutrient mixes, lighting and water etc., you may be one of about how to create some of these new and interesting structures.

What about a swinging door garden? Here's how to approach one of these projects.

Create A Vertical Frame

First, you want to create a vertical framework that will be the structure that the swinging doors get attached to. You'll need a standard size for the doors -- you may already have materials in mind, that you've already measured, so that you can build the framework accordingly. Make it out of wood, vinyl, aluminum or any other kind of materials that will create a durable result.

Fit In Doors

Take your standard door structures and fit them into the framework. Your door structure should have vertical rows of inserts that can house plants. In a lot of cases, the plant seeds will rest in the middle of the insert, with vinyl or some other material on either side. You’ll put the seeds in the place between the inserts, and the plants will grow out of the side.

As with other kinds of similar systems, you need a reservoir to keep water in, and a well-rated pump to pump it. These can be situated on the floor near the swinging door structure.

Germinate Seeds or Transplant Seedlings

The next step is to get the plants in place. Although you can germinate seeds in one of these environments, lots of growers use other areas to germinate the seeds and the transplant them into the swinging door structure. As the plants grow, they will protrude from the inserts and over the side. The result will be neat green rows of plants peeking out from between the white verticals.

Maintain as Necessary

Here's where a swinging door structure really gets neat -- to observe and maintain plants, just swing out each door to get better access to either side. You can grow an amazing amount of herbs or other produce in one of the swinging door structures, and it's an interesting way to pack a lot of grow power into a small space.

For more on the nuts and bolts of hydroponics, ask Dealzer about what we can do for you.

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