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How to grow monster crops with Hydroponics!


When it comes to creating an innovative hydroponics setup, a lot of growers are happy with average plants. For quantity, they're building out, not trying to get the kinds of mammoth fruits and vegetables you see at your local county fair. But what if you want outsized plants that will dazzle visitors to your grow room?

There are some ways to bulk up plants throughout the grow cycle. Here are some ways that growers get real abundance and grow jumbo crops.

Particular Nutrient Solutions

Of course, one of the biggest ways to get monster plants is to allow them to gorge on a rich nutrient mixture the whole way through the crop cycles. Like other kinds of strategies, this requires reading a whole lot about packages like Moon Dust or other packaged varieties, and figuring out how chemical ingredients like nitrogen, prosperous, calcium and potassium actually fit into the biology and chemistry of plant growth.

Add CO2

Another strategy is to add carbon dioxide through a tank system or other additive. You'll be looking at the parts per million of carbon dioxide, and tweaking this formula according to how big you want your plants to grow. There is a limit on how much you can do with this, but some growers do like to add additional carbon dioxide as part of enhancing the plant environment and maybe growing plants bigger.

Dealing with the Basics -- Temperature, Humidity, pH Value

Another important element is that you're not going to get the biggest, most robust crops without paying careful attention to basic issues of the plant environment. You’ll want particular temperatures and light and dark cycles. You also need the right pH value so you don't start to stunt their growth.

Important Additives

During the end of the plant process, growers often experiment with flushing the reservoir and giving plants an extra last meal before harvest. They use items like bone meal or other protein rich substances. They may even use things like creatine and other types of interesting processed ingredients to try to get plants to bulk up. This is another tip for creating your own monster plants.

For more, check out all the tools that modern hydroponic manufacturers and retailers offer to help growers customize the results they want.

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