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How to Have a Hydro Garden Like the One at Chicago O'Hare


We know that hydroponics is becoming a super-popular type of project, but sometimes we’re still surprised to see hydroponic gardens pop up in places where we didn't expect them to be. One of these places is Chicago O'Hare international Airport.

When you fly a lot, you don't necessarily think of airports as places that are on the vanguard of technology. Depending on where you go, a lot of the terminals are old or in rough condition, the food offerings seem dated to the 1990s, and it doesn't look like there's been a lot of recent renovation. But then you get into some airport spaces that have really been remade for the modern traveler.

Chicago O'Hare boasts some pretty interesting lifestyle amenities – these include a yoga room, artfully laid out interior walkway spaces with modern transparent glass, and other pleasant additions to really make travelers feel at home.

Among them is a relatively large space laid out as a hydroponic garden. You can see over a dozen tower structures sitting underneath high-wattage grow lights, in various stages of growth.

Essentially, designers use the available space to promote some pretty impressive growth. You'll see that while some of the tower structures are just starting out nurturing small seedlings, others have sprouted into lush plants that cover the entire structure. That's the goal of these kinds of setups -- to basically hide the central tower with plant life projecting from all sides. You can see how the systems in this delightfully refurbished room can grow an abundance of herbs and green plants

So how do you make one of these in your own house or business space? It's simple -- in the tower structure, the reservoir is in a bin at the bottom. The pump sits inside the tower -- you route the water up to the top of the tower and let it trickle down to nourish plant roots.

The rest of it is up to you -- how you choose to run your nutrient mix, provide light for your plants, and monitor things like temperature and pH value is going to be part of your detailed grow plan. However, you can get some great assistance from the many blog posts and other resources that we've put online at Dealzer, to help you find your way to success in a truly rewarding field.

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