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How to make sure your irrigation is top notch!


When you want to put together the best hydroponics project, a lot of the quality you put into it involves irrigation – an irrigation system is central to the success of your grow. Delivering nutrient rich water is ‘job one’ in many ways. So how do you get the best irrigation system?

Invest in sturdy materials

A good irrigation system starts with decent materials that won't degrade or break down over time. Lots of growers use high-quality PVC pipe, but some might use aluminum or metal piping or other materials to run smaller plastic irrigation tubes inside. Frames are often made of wood or metal. Whatever it is, make sure it can stand the test of time

Joiners and fasteners

As in general plumbing, joining and fastening is also critical to a good hydroponics irrigation system. Any types of small cracks or corners where water can get through will allow leakage that can compromise the integrity of your system. Look for the right kinds of couplers, joiners and fasteners as well as glue or other material to fix and maintain a garden space.

A high rated pump

The pump is the heart of an irrigation system. It's absolutely critical to make sure the pump is rated for the pressure that it needs to deliver to route water effectively for your system. Having a less powerful pump often compromises the results of a grow setup.

Oxygen rich water

Some of the bets irrigation setups also involve water chillers or other tools for maintaining highly oxygenated water. This helps to prevent bacterial buildup and keeps plants healthy with more of what they need for photosynthesis.

Of course, the actual details on the best irrigation system for you have to do with the size of your grow, your local climate and many other factors. One of the best ways to understand what's best for your plants is to look at what other growers are doing, and try to apply it to your own unique situation, of course, with attention to the details of what makes your project special. At Dealzer, you can see a lot of what other people are doing on our website and you can get a range of helpful advice for growing your own plants today.

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