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How to Replace PVC Pipe


PVC pipe is a popular material for hydroponics. That's true whether you're creating a lateral tray table type of structure or a vertical wall frame structure. In vertical systems, PVC pipes can be stacked on top of each other with small holes at the top of the pipe for the plant pots to sit in.

PVC pipe does a number of good things for hydroponics systems. It provides a secure shell for the irrigation and tubing gets routed over plants. It provides a stable place for plants to sit. And it also provides a lot of resistance to weather and corrosion. But eventually, as with other types of home or business systems, PVC is going to break or leak. So how do you deal with this eventuality?

Here are some approaches to replacing or fixing a broken piece of PVC.

Turn off Water

Make sure that the pump isn't putting out water as you get into your hydroponics system.

You should have a hacksaw or other tools ready to get the malfunctioning section out of the system. Get all of the various conduit tubes and apparatus out of the way before you start sawing through the PVC pipe.

Put New Pipe in Place

You'll need a new piece of PVC that fits into the opening. Measure and cut as necessary from new, clean stock. Make sure it’s the right size, not just “close enough.” You’ll need a good seal.

Glue Couplers in Place

You want to have fasteners that are exactly the right size for joining the two pieces of pipe. Get some cement or plumber’s glue and apply it carefully around the edges of both pieces. Then push it together and let it set.

These easy solutions can help you to make sure that your tubing and general hydro setup is in good shape. Any time you have water leaking out of your sealed systems, that's not going to be good. Over time, it can compromise your plants’ feeding strategy, cost you in energy, and even ruin parts of the building where your garden is. So make sure your water stays inside the system where it belongs.

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