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How to Set Up a Water Farm


One of the newest and most interesting grow systems we sell is called a “Water Farm”. This consistent and standardized system allows for growers to use a kind of bucket approach to grow a number of individual plants in their own containers.

The Water Farm is an alternative to other systems that put plants in close proximity or place them within a single tray or horizontal structure. With the Water Farm, individual containers sit on the floor and get fed through a sophisticated system of controlled irrigation.

Here are some beginning steps in setting up and using this innovative hydroponic garden.

Place Bucket Containers

Individual containers will have to be in proximity to one another, in order to be connected with irrigation tubing. One of the most common setups is to create two horizontal rows of containers that are equidistant from each other and in a straight line.

Set the Reservoir and Controller

The Water Farm works off of a 13-gallon controller that operates along with the hydroponic reservoir. The controller has a float valve inside, and distributes the water according to the plant needs. One of the most common strategies is to situate the controller and reservoir in between the two horizontal rows at one end. That way the grower can move back and forth between the rows without having to get around the controller and reservoir setup.

Place Tubing

In the Water Farm system, controller tubing rests on the floor, and then snakes up into circular feeders at the top of each bucket container. Route all of the tubing to the individual buckets and make sure there are no leaks or crimps in the lines that would affect water flow.

Fill Containers

You’ll need to put sterile media into each bucket to allow for plant growth. The plant roots will sit in the media at the top of the bucket.

These are just some basic beginning steps in setting up the Water Farm system. Follow the owner’s manual and instructions to complete the rest of setup. For more, take a look at Dealzer and all that we offer, including the Water Farm system and related accessories and gear. Thanks – and happy gardening!

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