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How to Set Up Irrigation


Here's one of the big things that lots of beginning growers are wondering about -- take a look online and you'll see this explained in various ways, with some interesting variations. In the end, it all comes back to getting enough nutrient-rich water to plant roots, to allow them to achieve success and to grow big and strong.

Here are some of the essential steps in setting up irrigation for a grow room or space.

Raise beds and set plant pots

You need to evaluate where plant roots will sit in relation to the water that will feed them. Most growers locate the reservoir at the bottom of the system, because of the weight of water that is contained in it. To do this, you'll probably have to raise the tray that you use to put plant pots in. Above the reservoir, on a framework or other tape of raised structure, you can install individual plant pots filled with sterile media. These will be the ‘homes’ for plants during their cycle.

Situate pump

The pump has to be down in the reservoir water, with tubing coming from the pump up to where the plant roots are. Many growers will use somewhat standard outlets and fasteners to bring water up from the pump to the exterior environment.

Locate delivery nozzles

Somehow, you're going to have to get the water flowing out of the reservoir and into the individual plant pot spaces. Some growers do this with spray nozzles, similar to the kind of thing that you see in modern supermarkets. Others use a drip or channel drain system. Either way, it's important to take that last step of distributing the water to the individual pots, so that every plant get nourished adequately.

Look for leaks and holes

You need to make sure you have the right types of fasteners and couplings so that tubing doesn't leak. It's also a good idea to assess the reservoir for any leaks as well.

Plan timing

Unless you want to irrigate plants 24/7, you'll have to plan the timer for the pump action. Get the right tools and resources to set up time intervals for hydroponic watering so that your plants get just enough of what they need.

These are some basic steps involved in getting that initial setup that will support eventual plant results. Dealzer can also help with thousands of pieces of equipment that are versatile help you to configure a do-it-yourself project that works. Or purchase one of our fully made grow boxes or grow tents and start out right away. Start growing your own fresh food, and you'll see how great hydroponics can really be.

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