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How to Significantly increase your Growbox Yield!


So you're successfully raising hydroponics plants - but how do you get more out of a hydro garden?

The idea of increasing yield is nearly an obsession with a lot of growers. As they start to get more involved in growing hydroponic crops, they get very interested in creating more products in the same amount of space or in the same basic crop cycle.

Increasing grow box yield is different for each kind of project, but there are some common guidelines to go and different ways to approach these goals.

Start With The Basics

A basic way to increase yield is to get all of the fundamental environmental conditions right for plants. Plants that have robust reserves of water and nutrients, an abundance of light, good temperature and humidity, and excellent air and water handling are going to produce more in general. What you can do is start with your first crop cycles and use them as a baseline to compare different methods in a trial and error process that will eventually get you closer to the yields that you want.

Secret Weapons

Above getting the optimum environment for plants, there are different special tools growers can use to push yield even more. One strategy is an addition of carbon dioxide to the plant environment, which can in some cases enhance plant growth. There are also a range of enzymes and nutrient products that claim to boost yields, but again, you have to try these things in your own laboratory to make sure that they work the way that they're supposed to. When you find the key to bigger yields, you can use it again and again to your advantage.

Strategic Cutting

In some cases, pruning plants in specific ways can create more yield. The idea here is that plants adapt to the loss of various structures by putting their productive energy elsewhere. Look at this possibility for increasing yield in a grow box or hydroponic grow system.

Light Optimization

Sometimes, bigger yields result from distributing light so that each plant gets the correct amount. There are various canopy approaches, and tools like reflective interiors to get light to corner plants or others that would otherwise be crowded out.

Match the Solutions to the Plant

In general, as you go, you'll figure out what works best for each individual type of plant. Some of the most successful yield boosters are dealing with the same exact strain of plant species over and over again. They've figured out exactly which elements are most effective in getting this particular plant to produce a lot.

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