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How to Transplant Bought Hydro Plants


Sometimes, you can find small seedlings that appear to have been grown in a hydroponic way. But how do you integrate them into your existing grow space? You may want to buy these small plants at a supermarket or elsewhere, and just keep them alive to mature in your own grow box. Here are some essential steps for going about this process.

Ease into new temperature and humidity levels

If your specific grow box has its own temperature and humidity levels meant to optimize plant growth, remember that most of these existing seedlings are now at room temperature in relatively low humidity. That means if you're going to radically change their environment, you should expose them to different levels slowly. You might have a multiple stage transplant system that gets plants into the right conditions to be able to thrive in your particular area.

Set up sterile media

When you look at a lot of guides for transplanting hydroponic plants, they're going to be telling you to pot them into soil. But you can also plant them into your own grow area. The key here is to use clean sterile media such as rockwool, coco coir, etc. and have those items ready in plant pots. As your plants are getting acclimated to your grow environment, install them into their new plant pots and situate their roots in the sterile media to be able to get irrigation water.

Start feeding

Again, you might get certain kinds of shock with plants as they start taking in irrigation water. You may be able to smooth the transition by combining a lower amount of root irrigation with some foliar feeding or spray feeding. This can help to shepherd plants through until they're able to take all of their nutrients through their roots with whatever kind of system you have in your area.

Prune plants as necessary

If they were already seedlings when you bought them, they may be growing out of control, so be sure to prune off dead material and remove it from your grow area. You may also want to trim for height or width, and keep in mind how plants will receive adequate light.

These are some basic steps involved in transplanting hydroponic plants that you can find for sale near you.

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