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How to Use Fungi in Hydroponics


If you are a beginning grower or someone with an interest in hydroponics, you may have heard a little bit about using fungi or mushrooms as part of hydroponic nutrient packages - so what's the deal with this kind of cultivation?

Some types of fungi found naturally in soil can help plants grow bigger and stronger. They can support healthy root systems. It's all about taking these items and implementing them in the nutrient mix. Here are some steps in looking at the use of fungi in a hydroponic scenario.

Evaluate Plant Needs and Conditions

Before introducing fungi into the hydroponics system, you’ll want look at the ideal environments that they enjoy, and how to create these in the plant space. One example is temperature -- experts say a lot of different kinds of fungi like room temperatures, so think about how that will fit into your hydroponics design. As far as pH, fungi typically handle a range of 5.5 to 7, which is in keeping with what your green plants are going to tolerate. However, one thing you have to look at is levels of phosphorus. Some types of fungi do not do anything unless phosphorus levels are brought down below about 70 ppm.

Implement Fungi in a Hydroponic Solution

Growers can actually put plants right into the sterile media of the system. They can work in various kinds of sterile media, including rockwool, coco coir, etc. Think about drainage and other issues. As an alternative, ground or powdered fungi can be put into a nutrient solution directly.

Feeding Fungi

Generally speaking, fungi are going to feed off of the plants that they are in biological synergy with. However, growers can add protein sources like molasses or various kinds of carbohydrates. This is an optional way to promote growth and something that you can check out on a trial and error basis.

Look at Re-introducing and Re-colonizing Fungi

In some cases, certain types of fungi will start to lose their efficacy in a plant environment. This may require repeated applications to the plant system. You may want to think about whether you want to re-introduce a certain fungus on back into the hydroponics system as plants grow towards maturity.

Dealing with things like fungi is just one part of using fundamental nutrient strategies to nourish plants. This requires some knowledge of the chemistry behind plant growth. However, manufacturers and retailers offer simple packages that can help individual growers to get good results without having a chemistry degree.

For more, check out Dealzer and all of the resources that we can offer you to help you create a successful hydroponic system.

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