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How to win a $500 Gift Certificate from Dealzer


Want to win a $500 value off of the stuff that you need to start a new hydroponics project? It could be as easy as registering on the Dealzer website.

This summer, we’re doing a raffle-style giveaway of a $500 gift certificate to our store. Just follow this link from the Facebook page, and fill in your contact information to get a chance at saving hundreds of dollars on high-quality grow equipment. With over 1500 pieces of modern equipment for the hydroponic grower, we've got something for everyone, with structural setups and accessories for deep water culture, ebb and flow, tray table systems and other hydro setups.

What You Get

Choosing from Dealzer's range of state-of-the-art grow systems means that you get hydroponics kits that truly set you up for success. Many of our award-winning grow boxes have specific features that provide the basics that growers need to develop healthy plants -- a good environment, security and adequate access for maintenance. From lock and key systems to additional carbon dioxide systems, from comprehensive grow lighting to nutrient packages and high-quality irrigation pumps, the design built into these systems means that beginners won't have to worry about not being supported in developing their first plant cycles.

A Promise to Deliver

Many of our systems also come with a three-year warranty. We want you to be 100% satisfied with what you buy, and that's why we offer comprehensive technical support for our products. We’re there with you after you buy, to make sure you are set up for success.

So if you've been interested in getting started in hydroponics, take the challenge. Put in your contact information on the site, and get entered to win a big cash savings off of equipment that you'll eventually buy to get started as a grower. And even if you don't win, you can find affordable grow systems that you can use to grow your own fruits and vegetables in your home or business space. These systems often pay for themselves again and again over time, not to mention helping you to develop sustainable food systems that can raise the value of your property, enrich your family’s futures, and leave you with high-quality food for the dinner table.

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