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Hydroponics and Stress Management - Why growing reduces your stress levels


Has your doctor told you to cut down on the stress in your life? That doing so might help your vitals and lead to better overall health?

Hydroponic gardening can be a great way to lower your stress and live a more comfortable life. But what is it about this type of project that’s so great for lowering stress levels?

A Little Light Exercise

In order to deal with stress and a range of health conditions, doctors often recommend walking a half an hour a day, or doing some other type of light exercise.

Hydroponics can fit the bill. Growers will be working inside and around a grow box or grow area, directing plants, pruning, changing reservoir water and all other sorts of tasks that require staying on your feet. As a result, this can be a great way to fill your exercise quota while doing something productive.

You Choose It

One of the common denominators in most recommended stress-relieving activities is that they are elective. Not everybody is into meditation or yoga. These may be entirely effective for people who like them, but not for others.

Hydroponic gardening is another type of activity that you choose, depending on your interests. It makes people feel good to be in control of some aspect of their lives. A lot of stress comes from high-pressure jobs or the pressures of raising a family or other kinds of responsibilities that may seem oppressive to people. Developing a hobby allows you to regain a little bit of peace of mind, by controlling some of what you do during the day.

Biological Synergy

Although you might not think so, people and plants have a lot in common. Their biological structures and biorhythms often complement each other. That's why scientists keep looking at the links between our interactions with plants and animals, and our overall health. Hydroponics is, in a way, getting back to nature and getting more engaged with the natural world around you – which can be great for dealing with stress!


Another way that plants help with stress is by releasing odors that are useful in aromatherapy. If you use aromatherapy oils to go to sleep or take a bath, you'll be getting a lot of the same types of aromatherapy while you're managing a garden. In fact, some of these aromas will be even more powerful because plants are live.

For more on hydroponics and how to get started, check out Dealzer’s web site for helpful hints and suggestions.

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