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Hydroponics Gardening In the Desert


Hydroponics Gardening In the Desert

Since hydroponics systems create their own tiny ecosystems for plants, it’s possible to do this type of gardening anywhere, right? Theoretically, it may seem like hydroponics gardening would work well in a desert environment, but some of those who have tried this kind of radical agriculture can tell you that there can be significant problems involved in adapting hydroponic systems to these harsher climates, even though modern grow kits come with much of what you would need to conquer the inhospitable desert environment.


Although most hydroponic systems have a lot of air handling and atmospheric tools, not many of them can magically adjust the temperature of a grow space depending on radical changes to the outside environment – many desert areas experience extreme changes in temperature during 24 hours, which can be problematic for hydroponics plants ,even if they are housed within a relatively sealed system.


Again, hydroponics plants rely on water sources created by the hydroponic system, but that doesn’t mean that water will always be there when you need it. Growers will face the same challenges that any others have in a desert environment involving how to get enough water for plant growth. Whether it involves trucking larger tanks to the site, or looking closely at a public water and sewer grid, growers in the desert will have to anticipate this challenge if they want plants to survive.


The best modern hydroponics grow box and grow tent kits are designed to do a lot for plants, but the main catalyst for many of these features is electricity. That means that for those in remote desert spaces, figuring out the utility grid is a critical part of maintaining a good hydroponics garden. Here growers have options: batteries and renewable energy sources can take over from an ailing grid in some cases, and a backup generator can also be a good option.

Talk to your hydroponics retailer about how to grow hydroponic plants anywhere.

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