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Hydroponics: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


If you want to be realistic about something, it's no use just talking about the good parts. Using hydroponics systems is like everything else - it has its ups and downs, but in the end, a lot of diehard gardeners find it's well worth the effort, despite challenges and obstacles.

Biggest Problems in Hydroponics

As we've mentioned so many times, hydroponics is all about micromanaging. There are a lot of challenges that you don’t have to worry about, because in some ways, you’re dealing with plants in a sealed environment. You don't have to worry about seasonal climates, snow or hail or winter hurricanes or any of the other natural storms and weather phenomena that can decimate plants. You may or may not have to worry about different kinds of pests, depending on whether they can get into the interior structure.

What you have to worry about is bacteria and microbial infestation. You have to worry about things like nutrient burn, or actual burning from grow lights. You have to worry about those types of threats that are largely unseen until they happen. This can be a constant source of anxiety for growers, and that's why we always tell people to pursue hydroponics on a trial and error basis. Don't expect 100% success every time. Nothing good comes easy, and hydroponics is no exception. Yes, you'll get the good, the bad and the ugly, but at the end, you should also get some useful produce for the dinner table, and you just might gain some of the confidence that comes with the success of self-reliant projects.

At the end, you can see the good of hydroponics at work. You harvest, eat what you want, and sell or give away the rest. You become a center for productivity, instead of just simply passively consuming things. And that's worth any amount of hardship to some growers - after struggling through an entire crop cycle, a lot of those negative feelings fall away when people see how rewarding hydroponic gardens can be.

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