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Insulating a Grow Room or Grow Space


Insulating a Grow Room or Grow Space

To many of those beginners who are envisioning the way their perfect hydroponic garden will look, insulation might not seem like a big deal, but some experienced growers who have set up hydroponic projects in large rooms or indoor spaces can tell you that it can be a lot more difficult than it sounds. When exterior or interior walls, ceilings and floors spaces may be improperly insulated, a new hydroponics project might involve some of the same issues as a home or business office renovation.

Effective Plant Environments: Sealing In Air

One of the principles of any hydroponics project is to create a special atmosphere for plants. That means sealing off an area for growth, providing air handling fans, heating and cooling equipment, and much more to control not just the temperature, but the humidity in the space, and even other extra conditions like carbon dioxide levels. The more sophisticated hydroponics projects use these kinds of strategies to make plants more comfortable and increase yields.

Troubleshooting Indoor Insulation

Apart from just figuring out that an indoor area needs insulation, there may be a lot of troublesome factors involved in choosing the right material and installing it where it needs to go. For example, floor spaces may have not been originally insulated because they were hard to get to. The same goes for attic spaces and other areas that are less accessible. In addition, growers who need to upgrade their building for hydroponics will have to figure out what kinds of materials will be most effective and safest for a floor or ceiling, researching “R-values” and more.

To skip this kind of tedious business, growers can choose to set up a fully contained hydroponics grow box or grow tent indoors. Many of these kits provide their own sealed off environments, meaning growers won’t have to go to the trouble of doing renovations just to make a grow room airtight.

For more, take a look of all of the grow boxes, grow chambers and other products that we offer to find what’s right for your next project.

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