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Latest Hydroponic Trends you Should Know!


Lots of growers can benefit from checking out the newest trends that are making the rounds in the hydroponics world. On top of having the right gear and equipment, you can get more out of your plants through some of these cutting-edge techniques. Take a look and see how you can apply some of these to your hydroponic garden for bigger harvests and better results on plant cycles.


FogPonics is a new type of foliar feeding, which means growers are using supplemental feeding methods to get nutrients to plants. In traditional hydroponics, it's all about irrigating plant roots with nutrient rich water. But with FogPonics, there's a different approach: growers spray or mist a solution from a water bottle directly onto plants. Plants ingest nutrients through small glands on the bases of their leaves.

FogPonics is becoming popular for many reasons. It helps with clones and other plants with compromised root systems. It helps to fine-tune the process of providing nutrients to plants. And in some cases it's easier than trying to do traditional irrigation.

Sea of Green and Screen of Green

These techniques are a part of common planning for certain types of hydroponic plants -- growers gather plants together to optimize the grow lights that they're using. Think of these techniques is a kind of ‘canopy’ approach, where plants are put in specific places where they can access light the best. For example, in screen of green, growers may grow a single plant along a horizontal axis, with a grow light in the middle so that it can provide light intensity to the entire length of the plant.


Topping is predominantly done in the marijuana world, but it can also apply to other plants. The idea is that growers can cut off the tops of plants to allow for more vibrant growth below. By pruning and tending plants, growers get better specific results in a lot of areas of the plant that they’re trying to cultivate. Topping is just one of several types of strategies for changing the shapes of plants in order to get them to grow better.

These are just some of the innovative strategies that growers are using right now to achieve results in hydroponics. For more, check out the Dealzer website to see what everybody else is doing with hydroponic gardening. Browse our forums and see growers talk about exactly what they're doing, and challenges they are facing, and look at social media forums and blog posts to get more information about how you can set up your own garden for maximum profit and enjoyment.

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