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Limited Budget? Use Dealzer.com to build your own box!


A lot of people who have never done hydroponics think of it as a very complicated scenario that needs a lot of specialized equipment. But it doesn't have to be that hard to create your own personalized grow structure to do some handy indoor gardening. Even with a smaller budget, you can get the tools you need to get started with hydroponics.

Here are some general tips on building your own grow box with tools available at Dealzer.

Plant Media and Plant Trays

One of the basics of a hydroponics setup is the medium that plants are growing in, and the trays or tables that will support that. This can be as easy as a horizontal plastic tray with holes cut in the top, or a piece of PVC pipe with holes at the top. Plant pots are cheap, and sterile media doesn't have to be that expensive either, so look for bulk deals and discounts.


In some cases, you can even take advantage of natural light for plants. But if you can't, you can get affordable grow lights that provide the rate light spectrum and luminosity for your gardening.


This can be one of the pricier elements of a hydroponic garden, but again, with a do-it-yourself strategy, you can put in an irrigation system together in a rather simple way. You need a pump it's rated for the amount of pressure you want to use to send water through a hydroponics system. Small deep water culture systems can be easy to irrigate, as the plant roots rest in the nutrient-rich water.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Want to build your own grow box, to grow your own fruits and vegetables? You can find the components that you need at affordable prices at Dealzer. With over 1500 pieces of equipment, our online product catalog can help you to get the solutions you need to start growing today. We stand behind all of our products, with comprehensive support and warranties to help make sure you get what you deserve for the money that you put into a hydroponics project. For more, check out all of the informative pages on our web site including social media services, forums and blog posts that will show you how hydroponic gardening is done.

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