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The Easiest Hydroponics Crops you can Grow today!


If you're looking for a minimum of work, hydroponic growing might not be for you. Just kidding. Actually, hydroponics can be really easy, and fun, too. And if you looking for the easiest crops to get into your hydroponic grow box or other system, you're looking for particular kinds of plants that require less management as they grow.

In order to make hydroponic growing easy, you want types of plants that don't vine or climb, or grow too tall for a small interior environment. Here are some of the easiest hydroponic crops to get started with when ordering a sealed grow box or other similar type of hydroponics setup.

Herbs and Greens

This easy type of hydroponic crop actually encompasses dozens of different crops and plant species, and many different strategies on the part of growers. You can grow items like mint, thyme, oregano, cilantro or parsley for the dinner table. You can grow lettuce, chard, kale or other specialized greens.

All of these have two major things in common -- the first is that they sit directly in plant pots. They don't vine or develop tall, slender stems. They kind of huddle in their grow environment, and they have a lot of what you might call ‘grow density.’ And this is what you want with hydroponics.

But herbs and greens offer another benefit as well. Unlike other crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants etc., you don't have to wait two or three months for them to bear fruit. You can start using the leaves of the plant as little as a month after planting, because we eat the leaves of these plants, and not the fruits.


If you do want ‘fruit bearing’ plants, peppers are among the best choices for hydroponics. They grow a little bit vertically, but they aren't as delicate as some other types of vertical plants such as tomatoes or beans or peas. Peppers tend to have hearty stems and grow relatively low, and you can get certain types of pepper varieties that have a lot more grow density.


Berries are another type of plant with grow density. Many berry varieties, such as strawberries, grow thickly on a horizontal plant that fits in a small space. Another benefit of berries is that regular supermarket berries tend to get a lot of possibly harmful pesticide and herbicide chemicals sprayed directly on them and because they don't have skins or peels, all of it gets ingested. So organic hydroponic berries can demand a premium in terms of price and value.

For much more about hydroponics check out Dealzer’s product pages and the rest of the web site.

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