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The Fundamentals of Stellar Hydroponics


When you go to look online about hydroponic growing, there are an enormous number of details out there to help you with every stage of growth process. But what about some of the basics? What are the foundational ideas that really help people to grow better each day?

Here are some of the things that we've seen as very helpful to beginners. As a top hydroponics retailer, we try to evaluate the most fundamental aspects of growing, in order to help our customers succeed with these types of innovative projects.

Environmental Controls

In order to really have a good hydroponic garden, you have to keep your environmental controls in good condition, and set them up right. This means really keeping an eye on temperature and humidity every day. It means regularly checking a reservoir for pH value. And it means maintaining a vigilant eye toward dissolved solids and any kind of buildup or algae in a system. While some might think of this as nit picking, this kind of control really does lead to greener leaves, crisper plants and heartier harvests.

Access and Security

For plants to thrive, it's important that they have a quiet and inobtrusive space to grow in. At the same time, growers need to be able to easily access the area to do things like pruning, supplemental feeding and regular plant evaluation. So the ideal scenario is a setup where it's not hard to get around a garden, but where the garden is protected from other people and animals.


It's hard to overstate the importance of irrigation. Water has to flow through a system at particular times, and a particular ways that this is done are critically important to the success of projects.

Life Cycle Maintenance

It’s also important for growers to truly look at the entire life cycle of a grow cycle. From seeds to harvest, pants have different needs at every stage of their growth. Taking care of items like specific light spectrums can help projects turn out better in the long run.

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