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The Least you need to Grow Hydroponically - The Bare Necessities"


You know that old song from ‘the jungle book’ -- it tends to get our heads from time to time. But what are the bare necessities for hydroponics? What are those things that you just can't do without when you're looking to sustain plant development cycles?

It's a good question, because the needs for hydroponic plants are different than those for soil-grown plants. Hydroponics is booming, but it's still a new kind of industry and hobby. A lot of people get introduced to it through looking at someone else's gardens and what they are doing or by reading up on the Internet. So what you really need to cultivate hydroponic crops?


Lighting is one of the fundamentals for hydroponics. You can’t just use a little ambient light from outside of the building. You have to have specific luminous intensity and light/dark cycles to help plants thrive.


Because hydroponic plants don't grow in soil, they need some types of nutrient ingredients that mimic the good elements in soil and organic matter. Hydroponic manufacturers formulate nutrients specifically to give plants those key elements that they would get in natural soils.


Obviously, one of the basic and fundamental elements of hydroponics is to get water flowing to plant roots. Instead of soil, the water delivers nutrients and combines with the available light and air to affect photosynthesis. That means hydroponic systems function on well-rated pumps and sets of tubing that deliver water where it needs to go.

Temperature and pH Value Control

The above three things are the bare basics of what plants need, but without temperature and environmental controls, many plant cycles will not do well. Growers need to look at the pH value of plants and keep it generally between five and seven, and they need to look at the temperature of plants and pursue specific strategies including keeping plant roots cooler or keeping plants warmer during light cycles in order to help them grow well.

These are just some of the this basic elements of hydroponics. Growers tend to get accessories and other resources to fine-tune plant growth so that through trial and error, they come up with better results every time. Check out Dealzer for a range of equipment you can use to set up your own thriving hydroponic garden.

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